359 Langston St. Upland CA 91786


Rudy Muniz represented the buyer on this sale. Rudy’s clients were looking to purchase a “fixer” property that would have instant equity once remodeled. With Rudy having the knowledge and experience of flipping homes the clients could not have come to a better agent. 359 Langston st. is 3,000 sqft. with a 15,000 sqft lot. Langston was also part of a bankruptcy sale. With the property being listing below market value the property received multiple offers. With Rudy Muniz being persistent in assuring the listing agents that if Rudy Muniz’s clients offer was accepted the deal was as good as done. The persistence was what ultimately won the bid to be accepted. Rudy helped the clients all the way thru bankruptcy court and the home was rewarded to the clients. The home purchased for $580,000.00. With a rehab of about 50k-60k the home could easily be resold for $675k-$700k in todays market. If you are looking for a fixer home with instant equity contact Rudy Muniz today.