33 Graham Ave. Beaumont, CA


Rudy Muniz represented the buyers of this beautiful, spacious home. Said clients were looking for a large home within a specific budget.  Mr. Muniz encouraged his clients to first figure out what down payment and monthly mortgage would be ideal for their home purchasing plan. Once the numbers were tied down on the mortgage side, Rudy Muniz was easily able to navigate what cities and homes worked best for both the clients wants, and needs. After about 30 days of searching for the perfect property, Mr. Muniz’s clients found a beautiful, grand home, 33 Graham ave Beaumont. Rudy Muniz and clients had an offer in and started negotiating the property with hours of viewing the listings. The listing agent was so appreciative of the prompt offer he encouraged his sellers to accept Mr. Muniz and clients offer. For the purchase, said clients were able to get the property $5,000.00 under asking price!!! If you want exceptional service for home buying experience contact Mr. Muniz today!