15152 Teakwood St Lake Elsinore CA 92530


Rudy Muniz was the loan officer on 15152 Teakwood St. Lake Elsinore Ca. 15152 Teakwood was the first property Rudy’s client had bought in over 12 years. They stated they were nervous about the loan process because it had been so long and they did not want to drop the loan in escrow. Rudy Muniz has never dropped an escrow due to the loan not closing, so he assured them everything would be okay. Rudy was able to deliver a 30 day close even with a change of circumstance because of the appraisal, and during Christmas time!!!! The clients have thanked Rudy over and over but in all Rudy was just happy he could get them in the house for the new year. If you need a good home lender reach out to Rudy and see what he can do for you today.